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A successful payment.

Written by Russell Johnson on May 26th, 2012.      402 comments

I recently met a fellow financial adviser at a conference; he told me he wasn't working at present because he had suffered a head trauma injury.   After talking to him further he told me his insurance company had stopped paying his claim.  He wasn't sure why but it was clear he was suffering from a cognitive impairment.  We agreed I would look into it for him and a few days later he signed a form giving me authority to act for him.

Upon speaking to the insurer it was clear that they required additional information in order to assess the ongoing claim and the claimant (the adviser) had not supplied this.  His cognitive impairment made the whole complex claims process just too much for him; and this person is an experienced financial adviser who has handled hundreds of insurance claims on behalf of his clients over the years.

I was able to work with him and get the information to the insurance company so the ongoing assessment of his claim could be completed.  The insurance company immediately reinstated his benefits and made a back payment.

This bought home to me the importance of having a specialist financial adviser working for you to ensure that claims are handled efficiently and effectively.  It can be a highly complex process and you need someone in your court that you trust to ensure you get your claim handled and the money you need in a prompt and efficient manner.

It is also important that you contact your adviser as soon as you feel you may likely need to make a claim.