Managed Funds

financialplanningcouple.jpgWith a managed fund investors’ money is pooled and managed by a team of professionals, giving you access to a wider range of investments and more buying power than you’d have on your own.
There are many different types of funds for all the main investment sectors.  Some of the varieties include:

  • Cash management funds – invest mainly in wholesale bank bills and deposits
  • Fixed interest funds – invest mainly in bonds
  • Property funds – generally invest in a range of commercial properties and invest in some residential property
  • Equity funds – invest in sharemarkets
  • Multi-sector funds – invest in a mix of assets across different investment sectors
Before you invest in a fund look at who has set it up and who the manager is.  Look for reliable long-term performances.  Also check the fees and other terms.  For instance is the fund user-friendly and can you switch funds if you need to?  Many investors prefer to buy units in a managed fund rather than buying shares, property or bonds direct themselves.  A managed fund offers diversity, particularly for investors with limited time, knowledge or access to the markets.  Iconic Financials financial planners will be able to help you decide on the best managed fund for you to suit your needs and your financial plan.

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