Share Investments

investment.jpgShares, also known as equities, are essentially ownership of part of a company, so your investment value is linked to the company’s performance.  Shares have been typically a growth investment, however given the current ‘credit crunch’ this has not been the case with many share prices falling in value.  Shares are considered a higher risk than other returns, but also offer potentially higher returns and capital growth.   You may also earn income from shares in the form of dividends.  Dividends are your share of the distributed profits.  Dividends are not always paid out as it’s the directors of the company who decide what, if any, dividends to pay based on profits and how much needs to be reinvested in the business for future growth.  
There is an old saying that says “Buy in gloom, sell in boom”.  But when is the bottom of the market? And conversely how do you know when shares have reached their optimum price?  Buying shares direct requires knowledge, skill, time and a rational approach.  There’s a lot to learn about valuing shares and knowing when to buy and sell, so you’ll need sound advice.  Buying shares direct is for experienced investors.  If you’re seeking to invest in shares we recommend getting expert advice first.  We can assist you with the best options for you to suit your needs and your financial plan.

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