What we do

financialadviser.jpgIconic Financial provide financial advice, investment planning, personal asset protection and business risk management advice, and retirement planning,

Our mission is to use our vast expertise to invest wisely, protect assets, and empower Kiwi’s to reach their financial goals faster for a life of abundance and freedom. 
Our vision is to be the recognised and well-respected leader in asset protection and investment in NZ.  Our solid integrity, ethical standards, and proven success have your best interests at heart.  We achieve financial goals to deliver a better future for all.

No Obligation Consultation at Our Expense
Contact us now you have nothing to lose.  We find we can add value to most people’s financial journey.  That’s why we offer a no obligation meeting at our expense.  It wont cost you anything to find out what benefits you will gain.  So contact us today and discover how to get yourself financially sorted and on the road to success.