KiwiSaver for Business


Getting the most out of the KiwiSaver scheme 

kiwicoins.jpgResearch shows that employees who feel financially secure are more stable and therefore more productive in your business.  For most employees their biggest contributor to financial security in retirement will be the KiwiSaver savings scheme.  Yet research also shows that many employees do not take professional financial advice when joining the KiwiSaver scheme.  In most cases they opt for the default provider and the default fund.
What this means for these employee’s is their biggest decision around their retirement investment is left to chance.  They will end up with a KiwiSaver scheme manager selected at random on a rotational basis, and will be allocated the default fund, which in many cases is completely inappropriate for them.  These default funds, by their very nature are ultra-conservative and can mean the employee misses out on the returns available from a more growth-oriented portfolio.  The outcome is likely to mean they will have significantly less money available to them in retirement.
What you can offer your employees
As their employer you are able to provide a substantial benefit to your employees by making available professional financial advice to ensure your people make the right choices about the KiwiSaver scheme.  This employee benefit will, in most cases, be at no cost to your company and your employees will appreciate what you have done for them.
An adviser from Iconic Financial will assess the needs of every individual employee within your company, no matter how many or few, to ensure each employee has the right KiwiSaver scheme provider and the right scheme to achieve their financial goals.  Iconic Financial will continue to work with them throughout their investing years making adjustments to their KiwiSaver provider as required.
Talk to us now about how to offer this benefit to your employees.