Home loans and mortgages made easy

6stepprocess.jpgIconic Financial can assist you in obtaining a mortgage or home loan for the purchase of a home or residential investment property.  If you wish to purchase a commercial property we have a team of experts we can refer you to.

This service is almost always available to you at no cost; the lender will pay our fees on your behalf.
Purchasing a property is probably the biggest single purchase you will ever make; the second biggest purchase you are likely to make in your lifetime is the purchase of the mortgage or home loan that finances it.  Yet research indicates that most people spend much more time choosing and booking their annual holiday than they do their home loan.
When you choose to take out a home loan through Iconic Financial we will:

  • Help you to identify what outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Help you to select the most appropriate loan structure and lender.
  • Assist you with the documentation, application and requirements of the lender.
  • Assist you with determining the most appropriate ownership structure for your home or investment property.
  • Provide on-going assistance with the management of your home loan including determining the most suitable fixed rate structures when they come due, making loan adjustments such as increases, when required.
  • Provide specialised services – we find many of our clients, wish to repay their home loan as fast as possible.  We have developed software which assists our clients achieve this goal, saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments as a result!
  • Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to consider a risk management plan to help ensure you do not lose your home due to unexpected events, such as being made redundant or becoming unable to work due to sickness or accident.
Obtaining a home loan through Iconic Financial is almost always available to you at no cost; the lender will pay our fees on your behalf. So contact us now for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.