Why get yourself financially sorted?

Financial Planning
Being successful financially isn't just about how much you earn over time - it's about what you do with it.  How much you spend, and how much you save and invest have a huge impact on your future lifestyle.  It's never too early - or too late - to plan your future.  And the great news is you don't need much income to build yourself a wealthier future.
Many people believe that you need to be wealthy to be an investor - but the opposite is true as well.  You need to invest to be wealthy.
Achieving financial security, whatever that means to you, is a complex issue.  In providing financial planning services over 20 years we’ve seen clearly that people who have a clear, defined plan achieve greater financial success.  It’s like any journey really; if you are to get to your destination you need to know where you are now, where you want to go, and when you want to get there.  Advisers at Iconic Financial Ltd have over 40 years of collective experience to help you achieve your financial goals.
Iconic Financial Limited follows the internationally recognised 6-step process for financial planning.
Don’t wait too long to get started on your journey to financial success and security.  There’s no better time than right now! Procrastinating comes at a heavy price.
You can download a PDF format example of a financial plan.

Why Get Yourself Financially Sorted?


You have achieved a certain lifestyle.  It is likely you will want to maintain your lifestyle now and into the future; indeed you may wish to improve on your current lifestyle.

Currently Working

If you are currently working, you probably don’t wish to have a dramatic drop in your lifestyle when you cease work and retire.  Life is about balance; we all want a great lifestyle now and we don’t want to see this end for financial reasons, just at the stage in our lives when we finally have an abundance of time to pursue our interests.  You will probably need to protect your achievements so far, including your ability to continue earning a living; whilst at the same time investing funds to clear your mortgage and provide for your retirement.  We can help you get yourself sorted with your own, personally tailored financial plan.
You can download a PDF format example of a financial plan.

Currently Retired

If you are currently retired the lifestyle you currently have is likely to be from a lifetime of hard work.  You may be interested to know how much you can spend without running out of money too soon; or leaving a legacy beyond what you plan (at the expense of being too frugal in retirement).  You know your money will need to work hard for you.  You also know you cannot replace it and you must therefore protect your capital.  This requires balance and compromise; but most of all it requires a plan to get yourself financially sorted.  It must be your plan, not someone else’s, exclusively tailored for you.  We can assist you with your personalised plan.
No Obligation Consultation at Our Expense
Contact us now, you have nothing to lose.  We find we can usually add value to most people’s financial journey that’s why we offer you a no obligation meeting at our expense.  It won’t cost you anything to find out what benefits you will gain. So contact us today and discover how to get yourself financially sorted.